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SLE Application

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sle application

If you are an experienced middle or senior leader who is interested in supporting leaders in other schools, you might want to apply to be a specialist leader of education (SLE). To become an SLE, you need to have been in a leadership role below the head teacher for at least 2 years. Your head teacher will be asked to confirm that you are in an appropriate role. Higher level teaching assistants are not eligible to apply. You can be from any type or phase of school.


You don’t need to be in an outstanding school or a school that is part of a teaching school alliance, as long as your school has the capacity to release you to work in other schools. You must have at least one specialism from our areas of expertise, which are based on the 4 areas of focus for Ofsted.


We are currently recruiting SLEs. Application form needs to be returned to Cathy Hampshire by
16th March 2016 with interviews being held on 12th April 2016.


Recruiting in these Specialist Areas




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